Chris Kemper, Founder & CEO at Palmetto, Climate Change Mitigation Advocate & Writer.

Chris Kemper, Founder & CEO at Palmetto, Climate Change Mitigation Advocate & Writer.

I have a deep love for the environment at all levels - not just from a professional aspect, but also from a personal aspect - outdoors and wildlife.  At a conceptual level, I believe that the ecosystem must be balanced and that among the largest issues facing the world - poverty and famine - climate change is among the largest issue that our generation faces.  I believe that if I can make even the smallest of an impact by the end of my life then it was a life worth living.


My other love is business. I sincerely love all aspects of business - even the low moments that are filled with angst and sleepless nights - because that's where the lessons are learned. At age six, I started my first business - selling baseball cards at sports memorabilia events.  At age 12, I started a landscaping business and saved up money to buy my first income property.  At age 16, I bought my first investment property. All the meanwhile, I worked for world-class organizations and obtained degrees - all to get ahead in life and do something meaningful.  That day came in October 2009 - when I started Palmetto - and the rest is history.  The journey has been a delight. I'm hoping to share my 'green' journey with others; but, I'm also keen to have others contribute and share their inspiring stories for your benefit as well as mine.

Founded in 2009, Palmetto, a leading clean technology software and fulfillment company, has been the focus of my energy, effort and passion. I am very proud of our accomplishments, but am anxious to realize our mission of ‘Leading The World Towards A Clean Energy Future

A ship is safest at port, but that is not what it’s built for
— John A. Shedd