"Why The Mission Matters"


A memoir about the start-up life

I'm happy to share that life is good.  I work with a wonderful group of professionals and love what I do. We are successful by nearly every metric.  However, it wasn't always like this...

For six years, I failed and failed and failed.  There were ups, but mostly downs.  It was the dream and the mission that kept hope alive.  I  dealt with an extraordinary set of circumstances that (I believe) make for an interesting story: nearing bankruptcy more times than I can count, not collecting a paycheck for years, managing a class action lawsuit, partner fall out, losing childhood friends to drugs & suicide, contracting stress-related shingles, watching entire divisions walk-out from the Company, transferring an entire company across the Atlantic, trying to stop an ad hoc London metropolitan police raid (wrong office!), being kidnapped and losing millions to one of Europes largest mafia rings.

Life was stressful.

But, I survived. In hindsight, I am thankful for my journey and the inner strength that I discovered. I hope that my memoir can encourage others and provide a light of hope during your struggle. 

In the end, it's very normal and, as my father always told me - "if you are not struggling, then you are not trying."

Book release date is slated for Fall of 2019.