Travels & Adventures



I love to travel. I rarely seem to be taken by surprise these days. Many things happen in business that seem to callus the skin of surprise over time.  With this 'hardened' life approach - sometimes, I like to hit the 'refresh' button and rediscover myself.

My rediscovery comes through travel. but, not just any travel. I have an affinity for adventure travel - anything that substantially increase my heart rate and satisfies the following phrase "tomorrow is a new adventure". My passion for travel is linked to the adventure travels that allow me to say 'that was stupid'. A couple examples would include a week to North Korea or Cuba (before it was legal) or Pamplona's running with the bulls (but, actually running with the bulls).

Travel, like many passions, is filled with adventure. Similarly, Travel, like many adventures, is filled with passion. In coming posts, I look forward to sharing my stories, imagery and drawings -