Acts of Kindness

As a general rule of thumb, I believe that if you have the ability to help someone then you should.  Do I always live by that rule? No. But, I try my best.  Below are some of my favorite charities.

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Solar sister

I love this non-profit.  Solar Sister is a wonderful opportunity to help "eradicate energy poverty while empowering women with economic opportunity."  A portion of profits from book sales are contributed to Solar Sister and it's mission.  


Always available

If there is ever an opportunity to help and I have the means to do so, please let me know - I will help when I can.




one 80 place 

A great organization that provides housing to US veterans and helps provide shelter to families that need it. Over the course of the past five years, I'm proud to say that we have furnished housing for many families.  



I visited this non-profit while in Siem Reap, Cambodia where landmine-related amputation and death is a daily occurrence. Cambodia has the world’s highest density of landmines with an estimated 6 million of those bastards. This non-profit found a humane and efficient method, using rats, to detect landmines.