Perspective on the dreary topic of climate change

Climate change is a very tired topic. But, it’s also a serious issue.. Whenever I start to talk about climate change, it’s a depressing & dark subject matter. It also seems hopeless. A monumental shift is needed to do anything about it and it all just seems overwhelming. So, it’s time to flip the script. It’s better to turn climate change into a positive thing - opportunity. Where is the opportunity related to climate change and how can people benefit from it - specifically, how can entrepreneurs benefit from climate change?


Three Areas of Opportunity Presented By Climate Change*


Energy consumption is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions and contributor to climate change. I’m talking coal, biomass, natural gas and nuclear. Yes - despite popular southern belief, natural gas and nuclear are not clean energy sources . There is a lot of opportunity out there and it requires innovation, creativity and savvy entrepreneurs to alter our energy consumption landscape. Companies like (a shameless plug) promote clean technology for homeowners through solar power while other companies such as help homeowners understand their energy spend. There are thousands of companies emerging in the energy sector.


Transportation is the second most leading contributor to climate change. There is a lot of opportunity in this arena ranging from the electric transportation to ride sharing to scooter programs. Entrepreneurs find a way - jut look at and their ability to make their electric automobile a household name. But, again, similar to the energy sector, there are thousands of emerging businesses in the transportation sector.

Land USE

Third largest climate change contributor - Land Use. Where we choose to live and work has everything to do with concentration of greenhouse gas emissions. When we bulldoze forests to build residential communities, it has an impact. But, there are many ways to plan and address this issue, too. Architects, planners, builders and land developers are the types of entrepreneurs (and professionals!) that can significantly alter the outcome.

*Why did I choose these three areas to focus on? These are the the top contributors to climate change. Don’t believe me? Look into my IPCC report on the subject - click here -