Session 4. Integrate

Ability to understand the vision and actively buy-into and contribute to the vision of the Company. Be able to understand resource requirements and manage the conflicts of resource constraints (remember strategic planning in Session 3).

Integration requires the ability to understand the strategic plan, have ownership and action the plan with tactical implementation. Be able to articulate the vision to the leadership team and communicate downwardly to the team. Find ‘rally’ points and find ways to excite a team and create advancement opportunities. The most basic function of a Manager is to the ability to design, develop and implement strategical and tactical plans.


  • Have you been in a situation where there is a plan outlined to help solve problems?

    • How was that plan implemented?

    • Who were critical stakeholders? did they have a sense of ownership?

    • What were successes and failures of the planned implementation?

    • What role did you have or would you have had as a manager?

    • How do you ensure a successful integration outcome?


Albert is the manager of an operations team and reports directly to the CEO. The team’s morale has been low and a discussion was necessary in order to assess the issues. in a team meeting, issues were outlined and the team was clear about their problems. As part of the meeting, Albert laid out potential solutions and started to devise a action plan. After the meeting, Albert failed to follow up and communicate next steps and accountability. Albert took detailed notes and circulated generic solutions to the issues; no other meeting followed and the action plan was not implemented. The issues persisted.


  1. Did Albert prepare, integrate the plan?

  2. What did or didn’t Albert execute well?

  3. What does this tell us about the importance of accountability within management? What about the knock-on effects to the Company culture? How does this make the CEO complicit? What are the impacts to the team?