Bought In!

Great managers are completely bought-in to the mission of the Company. Not not because they followed someone elses dream nor idea, but because they contributed to it and were a major stakeholder. The big management fad these days is employee engagement. It’s more important for managers and business leaders to be engaged, empowered, driven, and motivated. In my experience, that’s not a given.

The best bosses I’ve known all live for their jobs, so to speak. A manager is committed to the success of the project and of all team members.

Great managers holds the vision for the collective team and moves the team closer to the end result. It's the manager's commitment that pulls the team forward during trying times.

Workshop Items

  1. Building on our last course, how well are you plugged-into the problems of the organization?

    • Are you part of the solution?

    • Are you a stakeholder (a member of the ‘solution-committee;?)

    • If yes to the above, are you bought-in? What does that term mean to you?

  2. If Bought-in, how can you help others be part of the solution?

  3. If not bought-in, do you see the problem with only sharing problems and not being part of the problem?

    1. Do you know someone like this? Tell me about their attributes and traits?

    2. Are they helping bring together the team or polarizing them?