Daily Rituals

To have a big idea is one thing, to actively work towards that daily is another. Daily rituals are the action items that build towards your long-term goal

Small steps are cumulative

For some people meditation is a helpful daily ritual.  In fact, it is a practice that I undertake to help find focus.  It's a time to reflect, calm your mind and fine tune your energy.  I use meditation as a mechanism to identify the one item that requires my full attention and energy for completion.  Considering all the other directions that an entrepreneur is pulled, it's important to find completion and progress - but that is only achievable with focus.

Other daily rituals include key meetings with team members and advisors or, perhaps, other activities like reading or exercise. It's important to find your rituals and align them with your long term goal. Remember - small steps are cumulative.


Health and wellness is better described as mind, body and spirit.

In the world of a constant tension and frequent rejection, how can anyone cope and find success and fulfillment?  The stress can lead to problems. The failures can lead to bigger problems. Ironically, success can lead to the biggest problems.  All the meanwhile, you have to stay focused and clear about your long-term and short-term goals while cutting through all of the external noise. How do you do it?

From my travels in India and, later, in Thailand - I found the eastern medication - It was meditation. After meditating for a year or so, I travelled to a convent in Thailand - whereby I silently meditated for seven days without saying a single word to anyone; I was only left with my thoughts. My objective was to establish a thoughtful engagement with a single object. For me, that object was a stick (which I still have in my house). The lesson was valuable - you can spend time on anything - a simple stick or the world's most pressing problems (for me/Palmetto, that's climate change), but in the absence of focus, your thoughts are broken into fragmented pieces like a broken glass. Similar to the broken glass, the mind is no longer functional.

The more I read about business leaders that I admire - Steve Jobs, Russell Simmons or Robert Stiller - I found a trend - guess what? They all utilized meditation as way to channel their focus on a singular task.

Meditation helps entrepreneurs clarify importance.

Meditation helps entrepreneurs clarify importance.

Meditation doesn't necessarily mean that you are sitting in a Lotus position silently in the corner of a room. Meditation comes in many forms and can accommodate your personal technique, lifestyle and way of thinking.  For me, my meditation comes from morning silence or, more often, long morning walks. I spend my morning thoughts on one thing - what is it that I need to focus on today. As my meditation time comes to an end and my day needs to start, I think about 'how' I'm going to spend my time.  My meditation has told me 'why' it is important. Most days, it is business oriented.  Some days, it's personal and I need to take time to focus on it.  

For me, it's the meditation that brings to life. I'd recommend trying it out. I hope to share more experiences along the lines of transcendental meditation and other focus practices over time. 

I also look forward to your thoughts and feedback - this is a category where I'm very much growing and could use guidance -